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Virtual Team Meeting


Cindy Ebert (The Growth Collaborative,) and Ceci Jaap (CKJ Consulting,) founded Building Connections Group in 2020 in the midst of a worldwide pandemic with the goal to connect business leaders across the midwest in a newfound digital business-world.

Both women are experienced in the banking industry, customer service, coaching, and sales management. They share many things in common, but the thing that is most important to both of them is people

Building Connections Group hosts events that connect people near and far and bring in guests that specialize in business growth, leadership, customer management, and more. Oh, and it is all done virtually over Zoom.

BCG has received grants from Unity Bank to assist in the aid of small businesses across the midwest. This Relief Grant was able to help communities dig their way out of the rut that the pandemic caused and help them build back up what they had lost.

Ceci resides in Stillwater, Minn. with her husband, son, and Golden Retriever, Koda, and has two adult sons currently in college. Cindy currently lives in Lake City, Minn.

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